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It is a priviledge to see the universe through the lens of Cheriefoto's camera. The photographs are works of high art with an unexpecteddly rich perspective. In trying to pinpoint what makes the work so magical, I realize it is in the judgment and the imaginative use of staging elements, transforming a moment to an elevated level of glory. ~ Joan Dangerfield, Bel Air

I have done boudior photos with numerous photographers but Cherie turned me into a center fold and my husband's fantasy girl. ( He uses one of MY photos as his screen saver on his iphone). It was by pure luck that I found Cherie when I googled boudior photos. She was the best "google" find I have EVER had. Most boudior experiences i have had were quick and not very creative. Cherie and her husband Hedley made me feel exteremly comfortable and sexy. They had amazing sets, lighting and were both taking pictures at the same time with numerous cameras. I felt like a super model! I had such a wonderful time with them that I thought if I have a few good photos it would be an added bonus. Their work was so amazing I was able to create a "museum quality" portfolio of photos for my husband's birthday. Cherie creatively assisted me to present my husband with a very elegant black portfolio of sexy photos with "Happy Birthday, Baby. Your Fantasy Girl" engraved IN FRENCH on the first photo. I was so proud of the present that I presented to my husband on his birthday which we celebrated at Chateau Eze in the south of France.I not only consider Cherie one of the most amazing photographers I have ever worked with but I also consider she and Hedley as friends. I will be using Cheriefoto at two family events this summer and I am so excited for the amazing photos we will get to share as a family. ~Yvette Poole, LCheriyve, Gardena, CA

I had a very tough time convincing our attorneys that it was time to spruce up their corporate headshots for our marketing campaign. My promise was that it would be done professionally and be “quick and easy”. Little did I know that they would even have fun along the way. Thanks to your expertise and relaxed approach, we ended up with a high quality portfolio of great and unique professional portraits of our attorneys. You exceeded our expectations and produced not only high-quality headshots, but also captured the personality of each individual attorney.Now we have our own corporate photographers! Thanks again. ~ Alma Karic - Marketing Manager at Sullivan, Workman & Dee, LLP

I can never get over that we have a house full of professional prints, Helmut Newton, Cartier Bresson etc.  but the pictures everyone praises and adores are the ones Cherie took of my daughter and I when she was an infant. They are not only beautiful, artistic, intimate but communicate our love for each other that is only a rare photographer can catch in an instant.  I can’t wait for her to shoot all of our four children in the same light.~ Sherre Hirsch is an Conservative Rabbi, author of "We Plan, God Laughs" and frequent spirituality expert on television.

From the day we walked into your studio we knew you were a very special person with an extraordinarily rare talent, but we never imagined just how incredible the end result would be. I don’t know how you did it, but you nailed every important moment and made them look BETTER than what we remember. Your calm, sparkling energy did wonders for my nerves and for the attitudes of our family and friends who do not normally like to be photographed – and it shows. The bottom line is that we are more proud of our wedding photographs than we are of any other element that went towards creating our wedding. We look forward to sending other engaged couples your way and are very excited to hire you for all the other “most important experiences” of our lives.~ Sincerely, Katie and Peter McNally, Los Angeles

Dear Cherie, THANK YOU for being apart of our wedding day. You and your team were wonderful, both warm and at the same time totally professional and your pictures are spectacular! I knew from Dina and Shane's experiences with you, to have high expectations of the work, but you surpassed even my expectations. Thanks again.~Bridget Morris & Joe Hauler, Los Angeles.

"Thank you so much for the photos you have forwarded. They are fabulous! I sent them to my mom in Moscow and she said " Pictures are MAGNIFICENT, you look like a model".Now, this is the most compliment I have heard from my parents in 31 years of my life combined! Thank you Cherie, for making these incredible memories and making them say those wonderful words to me.~ Luda Kane, Los Angeles

"I had met with a few photographers and all the pictures were so contrived and felt like they were all the same. The last thing we wanted for our wedding is for it to resemble or feel like every other wedding . It was pure chance that we bumped into Cherie and as soon as I saw her book and realized that every wedding she shoots takes on a completely unique look. Whether editorial or portrait she captured our day. Her and her team were completely invisible throughout the day, yet everyone seemed to remember and adore her. She is officially the one person that we would call over and over for all of our special events. She really is one of the most talented and cool photographers we have ever met!"~Laura Niemi & Adam

"We had heard of Cherie through some friends and once we saw their photos we knew we had to have her photograph our family.  She exceeded our expectations with amazing pictures that have become conversation pieces in our home. Cherie is a wonderfully fun person to work with an exceptionally creative force that thinks outsidethe box in a way that captures the essence of the situation.  She is our photographer-for-life!~ Rhonda & Mark McCary"

I am a huge fan of your work."~ Jessica Latimer Features Editor, Grace Ormonde • Wedding Style Magazine

"My heart was racing in the anticipation of this romantic day of love... and in walks Cherie with her necklace of cameras, her calm and that creative glint in her eye... here to capture for us the essence of our vision, our love and all the magical moments that otherwise would be only memory... Cherie floated aboutthe night and weeks later when I saw the pictures I realized how thoroughly, how artfully and how exquisitely she had captured the swirling energy of our Wedding...She is truly an artist and truly sees the people she shoots... I am forever grateful for such beautiful artistry and for the time she took in connecting with us... Thank you Cherie!" ~ Lesa Hardy & David Bergeaud

Thank you for the great pictures. It is not easy to make us look good. You did it. ~ Robert H. RobertsManaging partner Sullivan, Workman and Dee, LLP

"None of our friends could candidly recommend their wedding photographer and we became worried that we would not find someone we respected and trusted. Fortunately, our paths crossed with Cherie's. Her artistic talent is surpassed only by her professionalism and kindness. Cherie was an absolute blessing. "Fabiana and Bryan Holman" Besides Cherie’'s stellar eye for creative, unique photos, her charismatic, easy going personality makes you feel completely at ease. She truly listens to your concerns and whatever your occassion, she’ll capture the laugh, the smile, and the look." ~Karen Kline

To anyone who is considering hiring Cherie Steinberg Cote` for your photographic needs, I would say, “Don’t wait, book it!” My wife and I have been lucky enough to reap the rewards of Cherie's amazing work and creative eye, more than once. In each job, she brought her incredibly likeable personality and professional work ethic to the task at hand. I cannot state enough the innumerous compliments we receive when our friends and family view the pictures that Cherie has created with her considerable talents. If you are looking for a photographer that will take it to the next level and give you a product that will exceed your dreams, you need look no further than Cherie. We will never look to anyone else again. We are clients for life!~Lesley & Andrew Temple

I have been a Rabbi for 29 years and have pretty much lost count of the weddings at which I've officiated...I'm guessing it's and your crew were consumate professionals. Thanks for a great experience in working with all of you. ~Rabbi Scott Sperling, Director, Union For Reform Judaism Mid-Atlantic Council

Dear Cherie: Thank you, Cherie, for photographing our wedding. You captured the energy, emotions and details of our wedding. I know shooting an Indian wedding with the various Hindu traditions, the large extended families, the colors, the high energy and the dancing can be challenging. You not only pulled it off, but did so with unsurpassed style and professionalism. No important detail or ceremony missed your lens - even though we had not walked you through before the wedding. You also were able to capture the true emotions on our faces as well as the faces of friends and family. We were honored to have you as a photographer and through this process we have come to consider you as a friend. Thank you so much for your stunning work. We will cherish the photographs forever. ~Love, Simon and Sonali Joshi

Awards and Published Work

•2017 London Telegraph does article on The Boudoir Cafe
*2017 In Book "Best of the Best Photographers"
•2017 Nikon does article on Boudoir and The Boudoir Cafe
•2016 WPPI Master Class Speakers
•2015 Kevin Lee Beverly Hills Weddings
•2013 Nikon Ad in PDN Wedding Issue
•2013 Signed 2 Book deals ~ Coming soon
•2013 Boudoir Article with Nikon on the Story of Boudoir
•2013 Shoot for Kevin Lee Beverly Hills Party Planner to the Stars
•2013 Feature Story
•2013 Work in progress on Boudoir Photography Documentary

•2012 Speakers ~ Vistek Pro Fusion Convention , Toronto
•2012 Published photography in Bunte Magazine, Germany
•2012 Speaker for Big Shot Workshops
•2012 Shot Book Cover ~ Resurrecting Venus ~ Embrace Your Feminine Power
•2012 Covered Legends of Burlesque Convention, Las Vegas
•2012 Awards of Excellence WPPI

• 2011 Awards of Excellence WPPI
• 2011 Nikon Calendar
• 2011 Master Class Speaker for WPPI Boudoir
• 2011 Speaker for Nikon WPPI
• 2011 Boudoir Article Rangefinder Magazine
• 2011 Cover and Article Nikon World
• 2011 PDN - Rangefinder - Nikon Advertorial
• 2011 Professional Photographers Cover Contest
• 2011 Speaker Photo Plus NYC
• 2011 Garth Fisher Wedding

• 2010 Cover of Shutterbug Magazine and Story
• 2010 Published Fashion Spread - Bride and Bloom Magazine
• 2010 Toronto Sun Story on Cherie Steinberg
• 2010 Article on Photo Blog Crash Taylor
• 2010 Awards of Excellence WPPI

• 2009 January - Rangefinder Magazine Article on Flowers
• 2009 February - Digital Pro Photo article on Cheriefoto
• 2009 Published Spread - Your Wedding Day Magazine
• 2009 Published Spread - Orange Coast Weddings
• 2009 Book Cover - Random House
• 2009 Speaker at WPPI Convention
• 2009 Book Cover - Master Posing Guide - Bill Hurter
• 2009 December - LA Times Article on Cheriefoto
• 2009 Book project - Rodney Dangerfield
• 2009 Awards of Excellence WPPI

• 2008 April - Shot the Brochure for the D700 Nikon
• 2008 April - PDN Article on Wedding Photography
• 2008 Speaker at WPPI Convention
• 2008 Nikon - The Wedding Edge
• 2008 Awards of Distinction WPPI