Wednesday, November 22, 2017
By Cherie Foto
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I know, I know...I am nervous...I think that I have a few pounds that I don't like or I am to old or I am not confident enough....I do not know anything about how to pose........NOOOOOOOO all not true....I have talked a few girls into doing the shoot (they were on the fence)and it is always the same at the end of the shoot...Thank you sooo much for helping me with these photos and my man is going to love them!!! it is important to see yourself in a light that is not there everyday...Get out of your comfort zone and remember how absolutely beautiful you are!!! That is what we do....After shooting hundreds of women I assure you that this is for every woman...A treat to remember who you really are and to see yourself in that sexy, vampy star that you are!!...Read out 5 star reviews on Yelp and call us...Come for the time of your life....310.935.1000 I want to talk to you!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2017
By Cherie Foto
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We recently went to Thailand to shoot a fabulous destination wedding. There are so many fun facts about this wedding. To start our stylish and beautiful Bride Jenai is actually our Bride because we shot her first wedding many years ago. We shot that wedding at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA!! The wedding was an Indian/American wedding and was really over the top!!. Jenai has a sense of style in her dress and in decor. We took wonderful photos and her mother just loved the album we produced. Unfortunately or fortunately that marriage dissolved and Jenai ended up marrying a man that had loved her for many years and he came back after he heard Jenai had gotten a divorce and he wooed her and Jenai said yes. They are the perfect couple with so much in common and Jonathan adores Jenai. it was wonderful to see that after her first marriage she more than landed on her feet. She was going to marry a man that she loved and was well suited for her!!

Then came the question. Will you shoot our second wedding. yes of course Jenai. But it in Thailand. We said even better so went on an Asian tour and shot the wedding. It was all very magical from the wedding in beautiful Krabi to stopping to see friends and family in Manila and stopping in Hong Kong one of my favorite cities in the world. Was good to be bak to Hong Kong again after so many years! 

It was also so nice to see many familiar faces from the first wedding. Jenai's parents were nothing but complimentary on how we shot that wedding and Jenai's mother kept the album. It is her favorite book!! A very nice compliment I must admit.

it is always magical to go to a distant land full of magical people and landscapes. The other thing that was so fun is that they got married on the exact spot that Hangover 2. The wedding scene was filmed exactly where the ceremony was and that was also magical!

The day was very hot but the wedding went off without a hitch and the baby elephant for the guests at the cocktail hour was really a cool addition!!

Here are a few pics from that magical wedding and experience!



Sunday, July 02, 2017
By Cherie Foto
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After doing a lot of boudoir shoots we have come to many realizations and it has been a journey for us as well as our fabulous clients....We seem to attract the coolest women to do these transformative shoots with and they all say the same thing....They convey to us that they were very nervous to come in feeling that maybe they had a few pounds that might make the shoot difficult or that their confidence was not what they would have liked it to be...BUT after the shoot each and every woman feels extremely fabulous...Feeling most of beautiful and secondly very very sexy....

This shoot actually is way more than a photo shoot...It is therapy!!...

So if you can check any or some or all of the list below then not only is a boudoir shoot something that would be fun it is really a necessity to come back to a very positive place in your life and feel amazing again....In this world of craziness and intense things going on all around us we will be your oasis in the city to come and get pampered and feel the love once again for your partner and for yourself most importantly!!














Come see us so we can do this therapy together!!  We know what to do and promise that your will feel like a million bucks after out shoot!!!


Monday, April 24, 2017
By Cherie Foto
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We have been getting a lot of men calling us and asking for us to shoot their wives and girlfriends...And it has been really a great feature for us....We love connecting with the recipients of these shoots and hearing from them...We like them being involved if it is not a surprise and hello boys you all know that you want these pics for yourself.....I have many male clients that have totally gotten their girls into it!!!And then they want to shoot their girls over and over and start shopping for them :) We have amazing Gift Certificates and every girl melts at getting it.....I must say it is amazing.....So get on board give us a call and find out about it all....Happy to talk....Cherie


Thursday, April 20, 2017
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We gt a lot of clients that we cannot post anything. It is understandable when we are doing people that other people know and they are not into showing them selves in lingerie or in a 50 shades of grey type shoot!! BUT every once in awhile we get a cool client that will let us show all the images that she is totally unrecognizable in.....So that is what we are doing today....We did a little bit of Wedding Boudoir and then some edgy Boudoir shots....

Hope you enjoy these images we loved them and shooting these clients. She was one of those dream girls that said yes to everything!!!  See if you can guess who anyone is!!  We often get the boys looking for boudoir photographers for their girls....The are looking for sexy photography or sexy photo shoots for their girls....Girlfriend sexy shoots are really in...So come on boys get with the program these shoots are the best gift ever!!!