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Thursday, April 20, 2017
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We gt a lot of clients that we cannot post anything. It is understandable when we are doing people that other people know and they are not into showing them selves in lingerie or in a 50 shades of grey type shoot!! BUT every once in awhile we get a cool client that will let us show all the images that she is totally unrecognizable in.....So that is what we are doing today....We did a little bit of Wedding Boudoir and then some edgy Boudoir shots....

Hope you enjoy these images we loved them and shooting these clients. She was one of those dream girls that said yes to everything!!!  See if you can guess who anyone is!!  We often get the boys looking for boudoir photographers for their girls....The are looking for sexy photography or sexy photo shoots for their girls....Girlfriend sexy shoots are really in...So come on boys get with the program these shoots are the best gift ever!!!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013
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We’ve all tried to mimic Giselle in a sexy selfie with (but more likely, without) success. For me, I hear Tyra Banks in my head, “elongate the neck and smize (smile with your eyes)!” But, let’s be honest, posing sexy is much more difficult than it sounds. If you have expert photographers like Cherie and Hedley at The Boudoir Café working with you, they should be able to direct you during your boudoir photo shoot, show you examples of poses, and inspire your inner Victoria’s Secret model!

Here are a few tips I have learned about posing from working with The Boudoir Café:

Create Curves:

Ladies, embrace your curves and make them work for you! Some women are naturally very curvy, others have to work a bit harder to create that accentuated hourglass figure. Arching your back while holding in your stomach will make your booty look curvier and your waist smaller!

Angles are Your Friend:

Not just curves, but angles create a much more interesting and sexy composition. Create angles with your legs and your arms. For example, gently caress your face, hair, neckline and chest to create natural looking angles with your arms. 

Think Sexy:

The eyes can be the sexiest part of a boudoir photograph. To achieve those “bedroom” eyes, think about seducing that special person in your life. Keep the face relaxed and try to open the mouth just a little bit to relieve any tension. Now, play with the camera and give it a smize that Tyra Banks would be proud of! 

Knees Together:

When trying to keep it classy, create a sexy boudoir photograph without showing too much of the goods. As a rule of thumb, try to keep the knees close together (but, not necessarily touching) while posing.  This not only creates angles, but also reads as “sophisticated sexy” instead of Playboy

Have Fun!:

Turn up the music, pour some champagne, and let loose! Dance, move, awaken your inner super model! The more natural you look in your sexy photos, the better. 

Any other suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Leave some of your tips in the comments section below. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010
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Rangefinder Magazine November 2010 just came out with a great article about our Boudoir photography and our Studio……Check it out…Thanks Rangefinder for another great article about Cheriefoto….Special thanks to Bill Hurter for not editing the work too much after the phone call about it being to racy for the magazine….!!!