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Thursday, April 20, 2017
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We gt a lot of clients that we cannot post anything. It is understandable when we are doing people that other people know and they are not into showing them selves in lingerie or in a 50 shades of grey type shoot!! BUT every once in awhile we get a cool client that will let us show all the images that she is totally unrecognizable in.....So that is what we are doing today....We did a little bit of Wedding Boudoir and then some edgy Boudoir shots....

Hope you enjoy these images we loved them and shooting these clients. She was one of those dream girls that said yes to everything!!!  See if you can guess who anyone is!!  We often get the boys looking for boudoir photographers for their girls....The are looking for sexy photography or sexy photo shoots for their girls....Girlfriend sexy shoots are really in...So come on boys get with the program these shoots are the best gift ever!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2017
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I am so so so excited because VALENTINES DAY IS SOON!   Everyone at The Boudoir Café loves this holiday – and, with a little boudoir photo magic, you definitely will, too!

The Boudoir Café is currently booking for #ValentinesDay. Tired of the boring old chocolate and flowers for your bae? Want to make him more warm and bubbly than Champagne? Surprise him with the sexiest #VDayGift… Some sexy, professional pics of you from The Boudoir Café!!

If you book now, The Boudoir Café can get that sexy little gift put into any kind of high-quality package you want: album, gilded portrait, even holograms… And much more! Just contact us and ask.

Bring your lingerie, your highest heels, and your natural, sexy, self and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll pamper you, do your hair and makeup, teach you the hottest and most flattering poses (which you are more than welcome to take to the bedroom with you), and create a beautiful, unique, intimate portrait of you that your #bae will drool over.

Book a boudoir photo shoot with Boudoir Café and throw those February 14 dinner plans away… You’re going to want to stay in the bedroom after he sees these photos.

Hugs and kisses,


Friday, October 30, 2015
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I think we all remember the first time, as little girls, when we tried on high heels. We stumbled like baby giraffes, trying to emulate the way we saw our mothers walk. And later, as teens, it was runway models we had in mind as we slipped on strappy stilettos.

And, of course, there is a reason for this. When we saw our mothers walk in high heels, we admired her stature and her grace as our first role models. And then super models became our idols with their smirking, pouty lips and quick and confident strut.

Ever since we were dreamy young women, heels have been a symbol of power and adulthood. And for good reason! We now know that when we put on high heels, they lift us above our normal height; in the workplace they lift us above men and above the glass ceiling; and when we down the street (whether it be to the office or to the club) the smart noise the heels make against the concrete assures of our womanly strength. When we wear a pair of heels, we keep our head high and our hopes higher. We are the beautiful and accomplished women who our mothers wanted us to be; and we are equal (or better than) the models we once revered.

Truly, high heels have so many proven benefits. Yes, they add height. But they also improve our posture, making us throw our shoulders back and keep our head up -- a proven powerhouse stance. And, in terms of sex appeal, heels lengthen our legs and push up our cute booty. No wonder models looked so good walking down that runway! Their legs looked sky-high, their behinds looks perfectly perky, and they looked down from a great height with their hooded eyes at the lowly audience. Impossible to resist.

You know you are impossible to resist in high heels! And can you imagine how super sexy you would be in a steamy boudoir photoshoot, with just some lingerie and strappy heels on? No need to imagine any longer, friends! As the #1 boudoir photography studio in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, The Boudoir Cafe encourages all of our clients to wear heels during their photoshoot. The Boudoir Cafe believes (and it's true!) that there is something unbelievably enchanting about a boudoir photograph in which a woman in lace is standing, sitting or lying down with her long legs elongated and her behind round and perky with a pair of high heels. And your face in a Boudoir Cafe boudoir shoot as you do this shows that you know how good you look with those heels on. Head to heeled-toe, you give off a total come-hither vibe.

At The Boudoir Cafe, we even have heels we can provide for you, if you don't ave any ones of your own that you think will foot the bill! Because we are one of the most famous boudoir photographers in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas area, we have the great honor of being the owners of a high-heel collection (see pics in this post!!) that you are completely welcome to choose from at the time of your shoot as a part of your pampering hair and makeup session. Because, really, what's a queen without some high heels? You should be able to sit on your thrown higher than everyone, and you should be able to look down on everyone not as gorgeous as you (the same way those models did), and you should rule with grace and confidence (the same way your mother did).

After all, it was the great and fabulous Marilyn Monroe who said, "I don't know who invented high heels. But whoever he was, all women owe him a lot!"

We sure do!!




Friday, October 09, 2015
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Hi beautiful, boudoir divas!

The Boudoir Cafe photoshoot package doesn't just include a photoshoot. It includes a full hair, makeup, and general pampering! It's what we call our Queen for a Day session and love treatment!

We all work so hard, every day, that we deserve to treat ourselves and relax.

Guys, there's no reason to gift her just a regular spa day. And girls, there's no reason why you should settle for even giving yourself such a small, few-hour lasting treat.

A Queen for a Day, Boudoir Cafe session includes fashion tips, posing advice, general beauty, makeup, and health advice -- and, of course, sex tips! The Boudoir Cafe team, including Hedley and I, just wants you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy! We gossip with you like your best girl friends, and even give out some relationship advice and playful couple tips... We're like a real-life issue of Cosmo, right in front of you, all day!!

A Boudoir Cafe "spa" day and photo session truly lasts forever -- in the photographs! Our Boudoir Cafe team pampers you from head to toe, making you feel your most beautiful and sexy. This feeling really comes out in your photos.

So guys and girls, give yourself a treat when you buy a Boudoir Cafe photo package. The benefits of a spa day only last a few hours, after all. Those sexy photographs will last a lifetime.



Monday, September 08, 2014
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Weddings and Boudoir Photography Los Angeles....

So why is this combination working so well and this trend is growing faster than anything I have seen for many years......About 65% of our girls that we see are getting married and this is well face it the most amazing gift that a Bride can give to a Groom on the wedding night. Or anytime for that matter. So get on board girls. It is one of the most memorable things you will ever do and you will have those images for a lifetime.

Ask any 50 year old girl if they wish they would have done pics like this when they were 25-45 and they will all say the same thing. OMG yes wish I had done that. Bridal Boudoir Photography here in Los Angles is just about the most fun a girl can have. Read our yelp listings for Cheriefoto or The Boudoir Cafe. We are pleased to say we have a 5 star Yelp listing with over 60 reviews. These are for Weddings, Portraits and Boudoir.....So get with it and come in to see us and have the experieince of a lifetime...You will always remember the day you did these images....I promise....

We have the premier Boudoir photography studio in Beverly Hills a charming sweet and intimate place where people come to have a day that they will never forget!!!.....

So do something you have always wanted to do and treat yourself or better still get your guy to treat you!!!

Enjoy 2014 Wedding and Boudoir Season!!!