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Monday, July 24, 2017
By Cherie Foto
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We recently went to Thailand to shoot a fabulous destination wedding. There are so many fun facts about this wedding. To start our stylish and beautiful Bride Jenai is actually our Bride because we shot her first wedding many years ago. We shot that wedding at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA!! The wedding was an Indian/American wedding and was really over the top!!. Jenai has a sense of style in her dress and in decor. We took wonderful photos and her mother just loved the album we produced. Unfortunately or fortunately that marriage dissolved and Jenai ended up marrying a man that had loved her for many years and he came back after he heard Jenai had gotten a divorce and he wooed her and Jenai said yes. They are the perfect couple with so much in common and Jonathan adores Jenai. it was wonderful to see that after her first marriage she more than landed on her feet. She was going to marry a man that she loved and was well suited for her!!

Then came the question. Will you shoot our second wedding. yes of course Jenai. But it in Thailand. We said even better so went on an Asian tour and shot the wedding. It was all very magical from the wedding in beautiful Krabi to stopping to see friends and family in Manila and stopping in Hong Kong one of my favorite cities in the world. Was good to be bak to Hong Kong again after so many years! 

It was also so nice to see many familiar faces from the first wedding. Jenai's parents were nothing but complimentary on how we shot that wedding and Jenai's mother kept the album. It is her favorite book!! A very nice compliment I must admit.

it is always magical to go to a distant land full of magical people and landscapes. The other thing that was so fun is that they got married on the exact spot that Hangover 2. The wedding scene was filmed exactly where the ceremony was and that was also magical!

The day was very hot but the wedding went off without a hitch and the baby elephant for the guests at the cocktail hour was really a cool addition!!

Here are a few pics from that magical wedding and experience!



Tuesday, August 02, 2011
By Cheriefoto
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What do you say about a beautiful Bride and a very handsome Groom, great Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, fabulous family…
You say what a dream come true for a wedding photographer….!!

That is what happened this weekend where the weather was amazing a little overcast but of course we look at differently than most people…for the pics it was perfect…..

This Bridesmaid shot is one of my favs from the wedding….
They actually set up this shot so perfectly for me!!

Special thanks to Alicia of About Details Details

The Florists

The Amazing Venue: Terranea Resort

My favorite DJ Ever: Scott Topper….!!!!