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Thursday, March 09, 2017
By Hedley Jones
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Hello this is Hedley Jones, Cherie Steinberg’s partner and husband at the Boudoir Cafe.

Our style is that we shoot side by side and are a part of the show!

It’s 2017 and we have been shooting at The Boudoir Café exclusively for about 4 years at our studio in #beverlyhills but we are also very much open to destination shoots. Our local area of travel from Los Angeles includes  Las Vegas and San Fransisco but we are open to any romantic getaway that our clients might suggest.

So what is the state of boudoir in 2017….from a mans point of view?

When I shoot at the boudoir cafe alongside Cherie,  our clients have the unique experience of two cameras and a female/male perspective. This is one of the things that gives us an edge in the industry. …you get double the fun!!!! Also two different angles and lenses which make for more selection.

In the past all our marketing was geared to women and their needs, but recently we have been paying more attention to the men….every man wants their woman to be sexy and with the easy access to sexy images on the internet every woman faces stiff competition.

But just as much as we encourage women to do it for themselves we now talk to the men.

We have several repeat clients who’s husband or boyfriends take an active role in the whole process., even to the point of shopping for the lingerie and the stye of the shoot. 

This is a whole new angle on the art of boudoir photography, traditionally we don’t allow men on the set unless it’s a couples shoot which requires special discussion, but we have noticed that men are much more interested in the process than we first thought. We have had a lot more input from the men even down to the posing. This is a good thing and definitely adding value to our different packages which brings me to the point of this blog.

It has always been our intention of providing a full service package at the Boudoir Café where our client has a complete spa day experience… this is our ultimate package:

 The Ultimate Package:

It starts with a gift email card….

Then with the getting ready guide before you arrive

 The Day Of:

Hair and makeup

Champagne and snacks

Complimentary props and backgrounds

Many changes of lingerie outfits

Limo service to dinner at the very private LA hotspot Soho House West Hollywood (If you do not know Soho House looks it up)

Then we set aside a day for viewing and choosing end products!! (Italian mostly)

 This is our Ultimate Package

Call us and we will construct one just for you!

Friday, October 30, 2015
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I think we all remember the first time, as little girls, when we tried on high heels. We stumbled like baby giraffes, trying to emulate the way we saw our mothers walk. And later, as teens, it was runway models we had in mind as we slipped on strappy stilettos.

And, of course, there is a reason for this. When we saw our mothers walk in high heels, we admired her stature and her grace as our first role models. And then super models became our idols with their smirking, pouty lips and quick and confident strut.

Ever since we were dreamy young women, heels have been a symbol of power and adulthood. And for good reason! We now know that when we put on high heels, they lift us above our normal height; in the workplace they lift us above men and above the glass ceiling; and when we down the street (whether it be to the office or to the club) the smart noise the heels make against the concrete assures of our womanly strength. When we wear a pair of heels, we keep our head high and our hopes higher. We are the beautiful and accomplished women who our mothers wanted us to be; and we are equal (or better than) the models we once revered.

Truly, high heels have so many proven benefits. Yes, they add height. But they also improve our posture, making us throw our shoulders back and keep our head up -- a proven powerhouse stance. And, in terms of sex appeal, heels lengthen our legs and push up our cute booty. No wonder models looked so good walking down that runway! Their legs looked sky-high, their behinds looks perfectly perky, and they looked down from a great height with their hooded eyes at the lowly audience. Impossible to resist.

You know you are impossible to resist in high heels! And can you imagine how super sexy you would be in a steamy boudoir photoshoot, with just some lingerie and strappy heels on? No need to imagine any longer, friends! As the #1 boudoir photography studio in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, The Boudoir Cafe encourages all of our clients to wear heels during their photoshoot. The Boudoir Cafe believes (and it's true!) that there is something unbelievably enchanting about a boudoir photograph in which a woman in lace is standing, sitting or lying down with her long legs elongated and her behind round and perky with a pair of high heels. And your face in a Boudoir Cafe boudoir shoot as you do this shows that you know how good you look with those heels on. Head to heeled-toe, you give off a total come-hither vibe.

At The Boudoir Cafe, we even have heels we can provide for you, if you don't ave any ones of your own that you think will foot the bill! Because we are one of the most famous boudoir photographers in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas area, we have the great honor of being the owners of a high-heel collection (see pics in this post!!) that you are completely welcome to choose from at the time of your shoot as a part of your pampering hair and makeup session. Because, really, what's a queen without some high heels? You should be able to sit on your thrown higher than everyone, and you should be able to look down on everyone not as gorgeous as you (the same way those models did), and you should rule with grace and confidence (the same way your mother did).

After all, it was the great and fabulous Marilyn Monroe who said, "I don't know who invented high heels. But whoever he was, all women owe him a lot!"

We sure do!!




Friday, March 04, 2011
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So as you can see the blog has gone back burner..Not because I want it to…Just because OMG who has time for everything these days…In between shooting and traveling everything else seems to take so much time…Anyone else having this issue? Love to hear from you…..Just got back from WPPI…..Talked for Nikon at their booth..was such a highlight as always…We had 2 images up at the booth that Nikon blew up large….So fun to see that…Pics coming on that…Recent work…Just catching everyone up on that so this is a bunch of different shoots over the past month….From fashion to portraits, to babies to D3100 shoot for Nikon…to Boudoir to Venetian Masks….There is a very wide variety you can see….Hope you enjoy…Working on a huge fashion shoot the next few days..Will keep you all posted….

We shot a wonderful camera for Nikon the D3100 a very cool consumer camera very small compact good for travel and just carrying a camera..and makes kick ass movies…..will load that soon……Our little model is a girl name Monserrat…..She was a pro…and she had a great time taking these images and doing the movie…Look out Hollywood for her….She is a star……


a girl named Dani…We did a modeling portfolio for Dani..and think she will be an amazing model..She is actually doing her first fashion shoot with us…This weekend….We loved her so much…..Go Dani….


cactus shoot.......

This is our good friend Lacey Lee..carrying Lily Lee…..To come here in May……We had the pleasure of
shooting our good friend Lacy and her guy Jordon…The baby daddy…..last week….Here in LA..They came from NYC
to shoot and have the baby shower which we also went to…It is so much fun to see friends adopted nieces and the
kids just growing up and living large……We are super good friends with the almost Grandmother Lori Susan…!!!


More babies…more babies…Well I guess after we do all the weddings the babies come and then we get to see
our Bride’s and Groom’s again finally…This was Shira and Scott…We did their wedding a couple of years ago and lost contact and then there they were ready for baby pics……
So here are a few from that session……..Hello Asher!!! Welcome….

Miscellaneous Shoots…..
Nicole,  Maygen,

Thursday, November 18, 2010
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Rangefinder Magazine November 2010 just came out with a great article about our Boudoir photography and our Studio……Check it out…Thanks Rangefinder for another great article about Cheriefoto….Special thanks to Bill Hurter for not editing the work too much after the phone call about it being to racy for the magazine….!!!