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Thursday, April 20, 2017
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We gt a lot of clients that we cannot post anything. It is understandable when we are doing people that other people know and they are not into showing them selves in lingerie or in a 50 shades of grey type shoot!! BUT every once in awhile we get a cool client that will let us show all the images that she is totally unrecognizable in.....So that is what we are doing today....We did a little bit of Wedding Boudoir and then some edgy Boudoir shots....

Hope you enjoy these images we loved them and shooting these clients. She was one of those dream girls that said yes to everything!!!  See if you can guess who anyone is!!  We often get the boys looking for boudoir photographers for their girls....The are looking for sexy photography or sexy photo shoots for their girls....Girlfriend sexy shoots are really in...So come on boys get with the program these shoots are the best gift ever!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Just up.....

Article and photos in The Rolling Stone Magazine...

Super excited that our images were put into this iconic article about the one and only Iron Sheik.....

It is always amazing when Cheriefoto gets to have our images in institutions and legendary publications.....


Tuesday, April 01, 2014
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We LOVE our clients! They are our muses everyday in the studio and the reason we love doing what we do. Once in a while we get a client testimonial that blows us away! Here is one of our recent favorite testimonials. If you are thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot, but are not 100% sure, read this!

"I have been thinking of doing a boudoir photo session for years and kept on putting it off thinking if I could just lose a few more pounds, get a tan, just excuses really...  This year at my birthday reality finally hit me, I will never look better than I look today and it is good enough! I was finally doing it as a birthday gift to myself, for myself and if my husband enjoys it that's just a bonus, but this is for ME. 

I researched photographers, poses, outfits, prices.  I contacted at least 6 different studios and actually met with 3 photographers, but the minute I met Cherie and saw the work that she and Hedley do I couldn't stop thinking about it. 

The books / boxes they do are the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen, they are nothing like the photo books most others offer. The artwork, quality, glossy finish, and the presentation are absolutely gorgeous, classy & elegant.  

Cherie was very accommodating, creating a package just for me that included a book and a CD with all the photos. She send me a whole list of things to do before the session and it really helped.  I had a great time shopping at the store she recommended.  

When the day finally arrived, I was super nervous.  I just wanted it to be perfect. and it was. Virginia did my make-up and hair and she is a doll, very sweet, helpful, she even helped me get dressed and stayed in studio the whole afternoon.  

Cherie and Hedley both took photos of me using at least 3 or 4 different cameras. Very professional, making me feel comfortable and safe and encouraging the "real me" to come out. 

They were absolutely amazing, I think having 2 photographers getting different perspectives of the same pose was an absolute bonus. Time flew by, no one paid attention to the clock, they were just determined to get the best photos of me and I loved it. 

The very next day, my CD was ready and it had over 500 photos!!! I am absolutely amazed at how HOT, SEXY, and GORGEOUS these photos are!  My ego is soaring! LOL. I now have the very difficult task of picking the photos I want in my book and that is going to be very difficult, I want them ALL!  

Cherie & Hedley, thank you for capturing on film a part of me that few have ever seen but I will now have forever in a gorgeous book for my husband and me to enjoy!!!"

Thank YOU for the amazing testimonial and to ALL of our beautiful clients!!


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