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About the book

Some thoughts from Cherie:

The simple idea for this book was to help Bride's get amazing images at their wedding from the eyes of a wedding photographer. What do we see and how do we see it ~ how to help a Bride tap into that info and help to get award winning images. That is the whole book right there. We have you see one thing in common. We want great images!

The idea that everything has to be perfect and the venue extraordinary is not true. When I go to a wedding I go with the intension of getting Award Winning Photos and have managed to do so at all of our weddings. The idea that the Bride has to be knock down gorgeous and thin is also not true. It is the excitement, the life and the moment that matters and it is our job as the documentarians to see the moment and capture it. That is really what a photographer does – they first see the moment, than they capture it!

Every Wedding has a charm that is all it's own. It is the Bride that brings her unique style and sense of life to this special day. I have never gone to a wedding and not gotten an award winning shot. When I started out shooting weddings they were not the most exclusive or in the greatest venue's. We all have to start somewhere. A lot of photographers start doing wedding photography because a friend asked them to do their wedding and viola it was fun!

I always thought I would do a book and started thinking about it 20 years ago when I traveled the world, but back then, it wasn't common to just "write a book".  Now, 20 years later, I feel this is the book I was meant to write. I know that my wedding photography experience from the last 10 years of my life can actually help someone to make this one day even better than it would be ordinarily. It was not to be a book on my travels but a book to actually help people to get something that they really wanted. My travel diaries were missing the element of helping to make someone else's life better. It took me a long time to realize this helping element was missing and after the fruition of a great career in Wedding Photography I'm able to help the Bride and it's really such a magical dream.

I am sort of a bottom line girl so here are the bottom lines quickly. I tell it like I SEE it and I know what I'm talking about.  The tips you'll find on the following pages cover the wide range of details that make up a Wedding.  The tips are loosely arranged chronologically, with pre-wedding tips in the front and reception tips in the back.  If you make use of all my tips, I can't imagine how your day could go better for you and for your photographer.  You two are a team and teams need a plan. After all, you want to have photos that last your lifetime and beyond, so why not listen to a well known expert!  Not only am I just a good photographer, but I'm also a girl who loves fashion, glamour, design and style and I know what's important to you as a Bride and as a girl. 

My biggest hope is that this book helps your day as a Bride. It is a wonderful and fulfilling experience for the photographer to be chosen and invited into the family to capture what will become the family treasures. I have been apart of this for so many families and now I will be apart of so many more. Blessings on this adventure and I truly wish that I can connect you for one of the most amazing days of your life!!!

I am easy to find and if you care to actually connect with me in an email or phone the info contact is available. I also maybe one day will be like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City where she travelled to different cities and talked about her book. I would love to do that for Brides!!


Purchase a download of Cherie's eBook for only $7.99 HERE!


Hi Cherie,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your work and especially your new book,"The Art Of A Wedding"!!  To a newbie WEDDING photographer {me}, you have been so kind and giving of your time. Your book is an invaluable resource for Brides, Photographers, Videographers, Bridesmaids, Hair and Makeup people, even the Hotels weddings are often held at,.....anyone involved in the Art Of A Wedding!! It is a straight talking, easily absorbed and extremely RELEVANT piece of work. I have learnt an enormous amount already, and it has stuck. My confidence to shoot my next wedding has soared.  Such usable stuff!! I recommend ALL of your ventures to Newbies and Pro's alike. Thanks for sharing your talents Cherie, much good Karma coming your way.

Cheers,  Jennifer Parlanti, J.A.P. Arts and Photography, Melb, Australia,xxxooo


Purchase a download of Cherie's eBook for only $7.99 HERE!